About The Artist


Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am a self taught cartoonist hailing from Jabalpur, MP India. I am currently residing in Mumbai.Ever since I remember I was drawing ; dogs, superheroes, animals, Gods, professions and what not. I gained a lot of popularity among my school mates for drawing funny caricatures of my teachers and passing them around the class when the lecture was still on !

Joined job as a Graphic designer in an e learning company, then switched jobs from various companies some working on TV series to animated feature films and again as a Visual Design Manager ( ahem ) in an e learning firm Attano, now HCL ( ahem ahem ).

Though busy, my job also gave me enough time to do some net surfing and I bumped upon the works of many Indian cartoonists. Visiting their blogs made me happy and encouraged me to start my own.

Slowly with time, my cartoons started to sell and gave me enough encouragement to quit my job as “Visual Design Manager ” (still don’t know what that means ) and pursue my passion as a full time cartoonist ( yes as easy as that )

Additionally, I also love music, love to learn new art forms and importantly get turned on by creativity.

Talking Business, Incase you like my work and want to hire me for some commissioned work,

You can reach me at

email- avinashtoon@gmail.com

mobile- +91-9167100254

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it !

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